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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Possessed Pets: Can exorcisms be performed on possessed pets?

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Has your dog ever watched you sleep at night with a sinister stare? Your cat snicker at you for no apparent reason? Have a pet bird talk to you in old ancient languages? Does your hamster have a strange smile planted on their face? Do you know that pets can become possessed? Demons can possess any living creature, including our favorite pets. Can exorcists perform exorcisms on pets?

Demons want to hurt any positive living creature. They don't care whether their evil actions impact the living. The demon in the Insidious movie attempted to take over Dalton's physical body. In The Unborn movie, the evil deceased twin possessed a dog in Odette Yustman's opening dream sequence. What are obvious signs of possessed pets? 

Possessed display aggressive behavior. Possessed pets can be misdiagnosed as mentally ill. Moreover, possessed pets are assumed to be carrying rabies. We remember watching Atticus Finch shoot down a rabies infected dog. The Quarantine movie depicted the deadly rabies virus turning humans into zombie carnivores. Dogs and rodents can carry the lethal rabies virus.

There is no known cure for rabies. In the past, a few rabies victims survived rabies - medical facilities followed the proper protocol to control the virus. Medical professionals took extreme measures to induce a coma, preventing the infected from experiencing hallucinations. Hence, the rabies virus can attack the brain to produce deadly hallucinations. 

Has your pet been acting strange? The classic signs of pet possession are subjective. Your pet will require a thorough evaluation to identify demonic possession. One noticeable sign is that possessed pets are distant. They enjoy watching people suffer from pain. Possessed pets glare at humans in an evil way. Moreover, the demonic possession disrupts the pet's hygiene. Thus, the possessed pet may attempt to harm their physical body like Maria Rossi in The Devil Inside movie. Can priests perform exorcisms on possessed pets?

The Church has rejected many exorcism requests on humans. It is unlikely the Church will perform an exorcism on a pet. Pets are already too dangerous while under distress, so performing exorcisms on pets is too risky. Our pets mean the world to us. We refuse to let a demon take over their physical body. Can we find help to free evil demon spirits from our pets? Is there anyone that can perform an exorcism on pets?   

The top search for "exorcisms of pets" indexes Helen Gunther, a woman who claimed to have performed many exorcisms on pets. She shares her detailed pet exorcisms on her website. Nevertheless, Helen's Pet Exorcism and Advice Column hasn't updated since Aug 3, 2002. She believes that demons are capable of possessing pets. Visit Helen's past column to see whether she still performs exorcisms on pets. Use the link in the sources section below. 

Experienced pet exorcists can supposedly perform exorcisms on pets to cast out demons. Helen's article never mentioned multiple demonic possession. However, multiple demonic possession in a pet is quite possible. Multiple demon spirits can transfer to a nearby human like in the Fallen movie. 

Pay close attention to your pets. If they display strange behavior, aggression, and any classic sign of possession, take them to the vet to get treated. However, if the vet is unable to diagnose your pet, you may want to consider alternative solutions such as having a pet exorcism performed.   

This article is intended as a informative piece rather than pet health advice. Exorcism Movies neither suggests or rejects pet possession. Read the sources below to rule out pet possession. Use the information at your own risk. Good luck!      


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