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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maria Rossi 1989 Murder: Maria Rossi 1989 Murder True Story

The Devil Inside movie depicted Maria Rossi as a multiple demon possessed woman who brutally killed three Church servants while undergoing an exorcism. In real life, Maria Rossi and her friend Christina Molloy viciously murdered Edna Phillips, an elderly woman living next door. The Maria Rossi murder is true, though the location and the victims are fictional as portrayed in The Devil Inside movie.

The Maria Rossi and Christina Molloy demonstrate that adolescents lack respect for their elders. According to Dunn (1993), Maria Rossi and Christina Molloy tortured Edna's body. They strangled Edna with a dog chain, and then savagely ripped apart the victim's body as if she were a Cabbage Patch doll. They slashed her face, cut her body with glass, covered the body with broken eggs, and attempted to cut off her scalp. The Edna Phillips murder is one of those serial murder scenes reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs movie.

The Maria Rossi murder in real life is just as gruesome as The Devil Inside movie's depiction of the Maria Rossi murders in 1989. Was the real life Maria Rossi demonically possessed? We doubt that drugs and alcohol can produce an uncontrollable rage. The Maria Rossi murder in The Devil Inside portrayed the sweet woman as an insane woman. We eventually discover Maria Rossi is experiencing multiple demonic possession. Multiple demonic possession is when several demons possess a human.

The Maria Rossi true story explores the evil from within a human mind. According to Dunn, Maria Rossi bragged about the murder and even sang "We've killed Edna" in a Wizard of Oz tune (Dunn, 1993, par. 4). The despicable murder of innocent young Edna Phillips might have an demonic undertone. No sane person will harm an old woman rather than butcher them.

The Devil Inside filmmakers deserve credit for integrating and researching truthful facts about the Maria Rossi murder case and portraying the past exorcism of Anneliese Michel as the core of the exorcism movie. Check out The Rossi Files.

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  2. what happend With Isabella rossi was she maria rossi,s child? or are the Movie just making this story up?

  3. Its a true story demonic possession is real don't fuck with the dark side alot of things we see in movies regardless is fiction or nonfiction has a truth put on the hole armor of god because u don't battle against blood and bones but demonic spirits, spiritual wickedness in high places

  4. Do u think that Isabella Rossi got possessed

  5. Just a question did Isabella Rossi get possessed and how did the Vicor make more inquiries about it