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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maria Rossi Exorcism: The Maria Rossi Exorcism in the Devil Inside movie and the Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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Anneliese Michel
The Maria Rossi character is portrayed in The Devil Inside movie as a woman suffering from multiple demonic possession. Multiple demonic possession occurs when several demon possess a subject simultaneously. The Devil Inside movie depicts Maria Rossi as an insane woman with major signs of demonic possession. Nevertheless, the Maria Rossi exorcism explores a Hollywood fictional name rather than detailing the real life exorcism of Anneliese Michel.

Maria Rossi exorcism explores multiple demonic possessions. The real life exorcism victim is Anneliese Michel. Thus, the Maria Rossi exorcism is based on true events associated with the religious controversy surrounding the Anneliese Michel exorcism.

Anneliese Michel was a German girl raised in a Catholic family (Monstrous.com, 2011). She suffered from a severe psychological condition. Lealos (2012) noted the Church attempted to exercise the demon from the possessed girl. In result, Anneliese died from complications attributed to the strenuous exorcisms that took a toll on her health condition. Anneliese underwent two exorcisms a week, lasting from September 1975 up until the night before her eventual death on July 1, 1976 (Unity Publishing, 2012). The 1969 events may represent the source to multiple demons possessing Anneliese Michel.

Anneliese Michel's diagnosis is mistakened as a severe medical condition related to "depression and epilepsy" (Lelos, 2012). The Devil Inside movie conveys Maria Rossi as a mentally disturbed woman. Another truth to the exorcism case is that the Church authorized the exorcism, but then later denied the exorcism request to succumb Anneliese to continued psychiatric treatment (Monstrous, 2012). The Church must authorize exorcisms to determine whether an individual qualifies to undergo an exorcism to seek healing. Anneliese's worsening condition at home proved to change the Church's decision. The Church required immediate exorcisms to remove the multiple demons possessing Anneliese Michel.  

Anneliese's parents and two priests agreed to perform the authorized exorcism on Anneliese Michel. At the request of the Bishop of Wurzburg, Josef Stangl, Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst performed the "Great Exorcism" (Unity Publishing, 2012, The Exorcisms section par. 5).  Hence, the Anneliese Michel exorcisms later had adverse effects on her health condition, resulting in her eventual death. The evidence heard in the audio tapes had a dramatic impact on the verdict (Getler, 1978). As a result, the parents and priests were prosecuted for negligent homicide, though the convicted never received any jail time.

Maria Rossi is a real life girl who murdered her elderly neighbor. According to the UK's The Independent, MacDonald (1993) indicated that two adolescents, Maria Rossi and Christina Molloy, brutally murdered their elderly neighbor Edna Phillips. In the newspaper report, the murder provoked an uprising of 300 people who "stoned the Rossi house" (MacDonald, 1993, par. 9). Moreover, the Rossi family attracted vandalism on their various properties.

The local reaction toward the Rossi family continued to worsen, making the case sound like a "not guilty verdict" in the Casey Anthony trial. Any person somehow related to the Rossi clan experienced the wrath of the angry locals. In The Devil Inside movie, Maria Rossi is depicted as a troubled soul. In real life, Maria had to be possessed to butcher an old woman who once adored her as a child. The combination of two real life events (exorcism leading to death and a psychotic adolescent murderer) energized The Devil Inside movie plot.        

The Devil Inside movie depicts the exorcism of Maria Rossi, portraying the Anneliese Michel exorcism which is believed to derive from multiple demonic possession. The Anneliese Michel exorcism is also depicted in The Exorcism of Emily Rose movie. It is suggested that Anneliese died from the effects of the exorcisms; however, the young woman wrote a letter to the Church to ask the exorcisms to stop (Unity Publishing, 2012). Anneliese accepted one of the Virgin Mary's choices to remain possessed up until the moment she passed away July 1, 1976. Her decision to remain possessed is explained in the "Letter written by Anneliese," which you can read a review on iExorcism.        

Exorcism movies delve into the demonic world to show that demons and the Devil are indeed real. We question the balance between good and evil. Will God save us? Can we defeat a demon possession without the Church? The court system took another route in prosecuting Anneliese's parents and the two priests connected to the exorcism murder case. The court system viewed the penalties differently, neither giving the convicted parents and the priests jail time.

Maybe The Devil Inside is depicting Casey's Imaginary Friends, who are actually multiple demons possessing Casey Anthony. Even though the court system found Casey Anthony innocent of murdering  her daughter, we still question the truth. Who would murder a child and dump the small body in a shallow ditch down the street? It takes pure evil to perform such a hideous act. Casey's Imaginary Friends could be identified as multiple demons possessing the young Casey Anthony.      

The Devil Inside movie team realized the mainstream advantage in dramatizing real life events. Thus, the mockumentary film inspired the divide between the Church and the legal system in performing exorcisms. The Maria Rossi exorcism is a fictional event, though the plot conveys various true facts acquired from the exorcism of Anneliese Michel and the Maria Rossi psychotic murder of an elderly woman Edna Phillips in the U.K. Anneliese was once a beautiful young girl before she experienced a mental illness and possible multiple demonic possession, and then died during vigorous exorcisms the Church authorized to free her soul. May Anneliese's soul rest in peace.

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