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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Devil Inside movie facts: The Devil Inside movie real or fake?

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Are you a moviegoer who wants to know the real movie facts to explain The Devil Inside movie? Is the Maria Rossi exorcism true? The 1989 murder footage and arrest real? What about the documentary footage? The movie actors in The Devil Inside movie have previous acting work in Hollywood movies. We will review the actors in The Devil Inside movie to explore the authenticity of The Devil Inside movie.

Before we get started with analyzing The Devil Inside movie, I would like to share my background. I have a Bachelor's degree in Film & Media Studies out of the University of California, Santa Barbara. I took many film theory courses there, even a documentary film course with Professional Janet Baker, an expert in documentary filmmaking. I also have a Master's Degree in Public Administration, an Associates Degree in Film and another degree in Liberal Arts.

I previously served in the Air Force in the 90's as a medical technician on a 30-bed inpatient surgical unit. I have firsthand experience with psychologically ill patients. On many night shifts, the mental ward issued a Code Green due to combative mental patients. The Veteran's ward next door also treated mentally ill patients who have served in Vietnam. You can tell the difference between mentally ill patients and those who are possibly experiencing an unexplained diagnosis.

In UCSB undergraduate Film & Media Studies program, documentary filmmakers and television show creators attended classes to discuss their previous work. I also attended a film school to earn another degree in Film. I can evaluate The Devil Inside movie using my personal experience with film and movies as well as contributing past writing experience.

I run AstralWriter.com, Subplanes.com, PossessionMovies.comMetaphysicalMovies.comPlotSpoiler.com, TwistEndings.comBoxOfficeWeekend.com, FilmEnding.com and several other websites. I interact with astral projectors and those who have out of body experiences on MyOBE.com, a discussion I hold on AstralWriter.com.

Collider.com conducted an interview with The Devil Inside movie writer, co-writer, and the producer. If you have questions concerning The Devil Inside movie facts, the actual interview is real. Perhaps, Yahoo Answers and various websites are attempting to persuade you into thinking The Devil Inside is shot in real-time to depict truth exorcisms and possession. Nonetheless, the Collider interview explains the movie in detail since the producer, director/writer, and co-writer contribute their motivation and facts behind their exorcism movie Hollywood hit.

According to co-writer Matthew Peterson, "What sets us out from the normal found footage films is that we set out to make a [faux] documentary as opposed to just found amateur footage. The [template] was a polished documentary. And as it continues on, it spirals out of control - so it becomes more "real-time" as opposed to just found footage (Cook, 2012, Peterson second interview dialogue). Faux is another word to describe fake. The Devil Inside movie used Hollywood actors to make the film.

Ben, the exorcist/priest is Hollywood actor Simon Quarterman who has 16 acting credits. He previously performed in The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior. We can confirm that Ben is not a real exorcist or a priest. Priest David is none other than Hollywood actor Evan Helmuth, who has acted in films such as Fever Pitch and Garfield. The cameraman Michael is an actor who starred in The Whistleblower, Gruber's Journey, and Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave. Even the detectives depicted in The Devil Inside movie are credited Hollywood actors with previous acting work in good movies.    

Writer/Director William Brent Bell mentioned that "we try to do this mix of fact and fiction to make people think that what they're watching is real" (Cook, 2012, William Brent Bell third interview dialogue). In a past documentary film course, we watched and analyzed many documentary films. Several of the documentary films featured staged scenes to recreate the true events.

The sports documentary Hoop Dreams is a real documentary about two young adolescents who had aspirations to become professional basketball players. This type of documentary film is real. It follows the life of two real life people as well as their families and hometown. The Devil Inside movie is not a real documentary, instead the film is a Hollywood movie shot outside of America to build awareness on exorcisms, demons, and evil.

Producer Morris Paulson noted that happy endings are not always the case, informing movie fans that "Sometimes the Devil wins" (Cook, 2012, Morris Paulson interview second dialogue). Paulson only shared two sections of dialogue in the interview. Bell and Peterson provided the majority of the information in the Collider interview.

The risky movie ending was a collective decision to do something different. It appears the movie ending angered moviegoers, though the trick worked to make people discuss negative aspects of the exorcism movie and to engage in conversion about the movie. Negative press is just as effective as positive attention. Bad movies performed great a the box office. The Devil Inside movie is a decent exorcism movie that makes people think whether demons and the Devil are capable of possession humans.

The footage in the beginning of the exorcism movie is staged. The detectives are actual Hollywood actors, one which recently starred in M. Night Shayamalan's The Last Airbender movie. The Isabella Rossi character (Fernanda Andrade) has performed in previous Hollywood films such as Fallen (2006),  Why am I doing this?, For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story (2000) and other movies. The main movie cast are established actors and actresses. However, the actors are not Hollywood A-listers.

You probably viewed the Yahoo answers page in which one person attempted to make the previous answers look foolish. They neither answered the movie facts. The commenter claimed that Maria Rossi is an actual person who murdered priests. Their facts are skewed since the actual footage is not real. They did nonetheless make a good comment regarding Anneliese Michel's misleading death due to dehydration.

According to excerpts from Unity Publishing, Anneliese accepted her fate to withdrawal from the exorcisms. The Virgin Mary gave Anneliese two choices. She accepted the second choice to continue the possession but die a peaceful death. The demons would be released prior to her predicted death.

Nonetheless, there is truth to the content incorporated in The Devil Inside movie. The filmmakers conducted interviews and even sent the screenplay to the Rome Church for expert review. The Church refused to endorse the movie as proof to exorcisms and demon possession. The Church's rejection to stamp their approval is the main reason you see the mention of the Church not validating the movie in the opening credit.

The Devil Inside movie is inspired by true events. The exorcism of Anneliese Michel is a real event that occurred in 1975. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on the Anneliese Michel exorcism murder trial. Maria Rossi is an actual adolescent murderer who along with another friend brutally murdered an elderly neighbor. Perhaps, the Maria Rossi character is another past person who actually murdered three people. But in the case of exorcisms, there is actually a first televised exorcism in America.

The first televised exorcism is performed on a 16-year old girl from Wellington, Florida. According to Schneider (1991), the exorcism is like watching the 1973 The Exorcist movie all over again. It is an eerie real life depiction of the possible truth concerning demonic possession. The exorcism of Gina was extremely and disturbing. The girl never displayed extraordinary supernatural powers. She could levitate in the air, as the Church identifies as one of the four signs of a demonic possession.

Gina eventually recovered once future medical treatment and therapy to calm the voices (Schneider, 1991). The first televised exorcism in America demonstrates that Catholic priests/exorcists take exorcisms rather seriously. Viewers watched as Gina uttered evil words. The possessed are capable of clairvoyance since the supernatural can see into the future.

A clairvoyant conducts the transfer of information beyond their mind. Possessed humans know vivid facts of the past, present and future. They know what bothers a person, and can pinpoint exact events regarding their mental torture. We see the depiction of clairvoyance in The Rite movie.

The Devil Inside movie is real in a sense that exorcisms are performed to free humans of demons. Demons possess subjects to carry out their evil. There are times that demons want to return back to Earth again live again through another human. Thus, The Devil Inside movie is fake since the film conveys the murder events with Hollywood actors. The Church never makes a decision to reject the exorcism of Maria Rossi.

Who is Maria Rossi? The U.K Maria Rossi adolescent and her friend murdered an elderly neighbor. The main actors are Hollywood actors. The young Isabella Rossi is young actress Talyan Wright. Are you looking for movie facts on The Devil Inside exorcism movie?

The Devil Inside movie is a fake documentary made to appear as a real documentary about exorcisms and possessions. The two priests, Ben and David, are not exorcists or priests, they are Hollywood actors. Isabella Rossi character is played by Hollywood actress Fernanda Andrade. Actress Suzan Crowley plays the multiple demonic possessed Maria Rossi character, whose credited in 27 previous acting roles. The young Isabella is a young actress with 3 total films under her name. The male reporter is Preston Hames Hillier, an actor who starred in Disaster Movies, Spoils of War, and in many television guest roles. The Devil Inside movie cast have acted in previous movies and television shows.

The Devil Inside movie contributes some various facts consistent with the exorcism of Anneliese Michel, a real exorcism performed twice a week in 1975. She died in 1976, a year after undergoing exorcisms. Anneliese's death resulted in an exorcism murder trial, which the The Exorcism of Emily Rose depicted in the 2005 exorcism movie. In essence, moviegoers can still enjoy The Devil Inside as well as explore the movie facts and the truth of exorcisms and possessions for fun. Beware of The Devil Inside theme.

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This article is intended to provide a review of The Devil Inside movie, past exorcism cases, and to evaluate the authenticity of the exorcism movie. Any content discussed in the analysis is based on personal perception, education, and past experiences. You can investigate further to validate the movie facts and exorcisms portrayed in The Devil Inside movie.

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